Wire mesh and grids

WestCoast Technique are specialists in wire mesh and wire grids. Our product range offers many options to find the right product according to your specific needs:

Contact us with your need for wire mesh or wire grids at wct@wct.dk or 76 12 33 66, and let's look at the possibilities together.


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WestCoast Technique are specialists in wire mesh and grids. We stock a large selection of:

The standard products within wire mesh, welded wire mesh, pressed screens and crimped screens, which we do not have in stock, we can offer with a short delivery time.

We deliver full rolls (eg 1.0 x 30.0 meters) or panels in standard formats (eg 1.0 x 2.0 meters; 1.25 x 2.5 meters; 1.5 x 3.0 meters).

But it is also possible to have it cut to size, so the product fits exactly to your needs.

Wire mesh and grids are widely used for guards and fenzing:

Contact us with your need for wire mesh or wire grids at wct@wct.dk or 76 12 33 66, and let's look at the possibilities together.

Filter units

Woven wire mesh and welded wire mesh can be delivered as ready-made solutions ready for installation in production. For example:

WestCoast Technique offers to replace and refit filter units when they become worn. For example, to replace and refit the filter mesh on a frame.

Baskets made of wire mesh

Baskets of wire mesh are used for industrial washing and drying. Baskets are custom-made to fit your machine, and with a mesh size and wire thickness to suit the load and duability, which the basket is to be used in.

Custom-made fenzing and framed mesh

WebNet, framed mesh, Storage room and machine guard delivered ready for assembly in your requested dimensions, so the product fits the placement/guarding area.

Send us a drawing/sketch of your desired project with indication for length, depth, height, wishes for doors and openings as well as other relevant technical information. Once we have the necessary information, we can quickly make an offer on the materials. In some cases, the project requires that we have a technician stop by to do the precise measurement before we can give a fixed price.

We can handle the assembly tasks as well, where our experienced project manager takes care of the process from start to delivery of the project. In the projects we focus on great project management, great dialogue and finding solutions when something unforeseen occurs ⇒ “In collaboration with you, we make things succeed“.

The typical project process:

  1. You send a drawing / sketch of your desired project and indicate the height and wishes for a technical solution
  2. We calculate a preliminary price incl. or excl. assembly
  3. If the price is acceptable, we will send our project manager to make the precise measurement and review drawings (there may be adjustments to the price after this masurement)
  4. We prepare construction drawing, for your approval. And we agree on the final price and time of assembly
  5. The materials are sent to the construction site, where you ensure receipt of the goods (to make the project as cheap as possible)
  6. Our technicians assembles the product and prepare for your inspection.

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